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Archived General Order

Sr No.Order No.Order DateOrder Subject
1 4965 [1 MB] Language : Hindi 02/08/2021 18:00 Regarding the settlement of disputes arising in respect of Seniority of Teaching/Non-teaching staff in all State Universities/Institutions.
2 3356/32-जी0एस0/बैठक-2021 [311 KB] Language : Hindi 28/05/2021 21:20 Regarding convening an online meeting under the chairmanship of Hon'ble Chancellor.
3 ई-3355/जी0एस0 [252 KB] Language : Hindi 28/05/2021 21:24 Regarding the constitution of a committee to formulate a policy for speedy distribution of pending degrees/titles to students by various State Universities.
4 ई-3354/जी0एस0 [568 KB] Language : Hindi 28/05/2021 21:29 Instructions regarding outreach/extension activities and programs for women to be executed by Universities/Institutes in the Financial Year 2020-21.
5 ई-3330/जी0एस0 [273 KB] Language : Hindi 27/05/2021 21:35 Regarding providing the information related to the writ petitions pending at the University level.
6 ई-3324/जी0एस0 [292 KB] Language : Hindi 27/05/2021 21:41 Regarding providing information/records related to various construction works being done in the University.
7 ई-3019/32-जी0एस0/2020 [616 KB] Language : Hindi 18/05/2021 18:20 Order for adopting uniform selection procedure by all State Universities for the purpose of bringing uniformity and transparency in the interview for appointment through direct recruitment to various academic posts of State Universities in Uttar Pradesh.
8 968/2021/सा-1-45/जी0एस0/2018 [327 KB] Language : Hindi 20/01/2021 00:00 All sections/divisions of the Governor's Secretariat are directed to prepare a datasheet on the computer for digitization of the documents related to the allotted works.
9 जी-4073/2020/सा-1-48/जी0एस0/2020 [591 KB] Language : Hindi 04/09/2020 00:00 Office Memorandum regarding the implementation of the system to facilitate the operation of the 17 entrances at present for entering the Raj Bhavan.
10 142/21-सा-1-21-जीएस/1977 [327 KB] Language : Hindi 20/01/2021 00:00 Office Order regarding discharging of current duties by Shri Kamesh Shukla, Additional Legal Advisor, Shri Governor along with responsibilities related to the Education Section.
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