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Governor’s Secretaries

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  • Head of Department since 1990

    S.No. Name Designation From To
    Dr. Sudhir M. Bobde Add. Chief Secretary 21-05-2023 (F/N) Till Date
    Smt. Kalpana Awasthi Add. Chief Secretary 31-03-2023 (A/N) 20-05-2023 (A/N)
    Smt. Kalpana Awasthi Principal Secretary 02-09-2022 (A/N) 30-03-2023
    Shri Mahesh Kumar Gupta Add. Chief Secretary 15-6-2020 (A/N) 02-09-2022 (F/N)
      Shri Hemant Rao Add. Chief Secretary 14-06-2018 (A/N) 15-6-2020 (A/N)
      Ms Juthika Patankar Principal Secretary 19-05-2014 (A/N) 14-06-2018 (A/N)
      Shri Rajeev Kapoor Principal Secretary 17-05-2013 (A/N) 19-05-2014 (A/N)
      Shri Lov Verma Principal Secretary 13-09-2012 (F/N) 15-12-2012 (F/N)
      Shri Manjit Singh Principal Secretary 15-12-2012 (A/N) 17-05-2013 (A/N)
      Shri. G. Pattanaik Principal Secretary 12-07-2007 (F/N) 31-03-2013 (A/N)
      Shri Lov Verma Principal Secretary 29-04-2005 (F/N) 12-07-2007 (F/N)
      Shri Shambhu Nath Principal Secretary 28-11-2000 (F/N) 29-04-2005 (F/N)
      Shri. G. Pattanaik  Co-ordinator Secretary 22-11-2000 (A/N) 28-11-2000 (F/N)
      Dr. Dalip Singh Secretary 28-06-2000 (A/N) 22-11-2000 (A/N)
      Shri G. Pattanaik Secretary 19-08-1997 (F/N) 28-06-2000 (A/N)
      Shri Rajeev Kher Secretary 28-10-1996 (A/N) 23-08-1997 (A/N)
      Shri Shashank Shekhar Singh Principal Secretary 28-10-1996 (A/N) 18-07-1997 (A/N)
      Shri Yogendra Narayan Principal Secretary 12-07-1993 (F/N) 09-02-1995 (A/N)
      Shri Sushil Chandra Tripathi Principal Secretary 25-02-1995 (F/N) 28-10-1996 (A/N)
      Shri Rajendra Bhonwal Secretary 09-02-1995 (A/N) 25-02-1995 (F/N)
      Shri Anil Kumar Secretary 11-12-1990 (A/N) 06-07-1993 (F/N)
      Shri Dewaker Dev Secretary 01-01-1990 11-12-1990 (A/N)