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Governor's Role as Chancellor

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  • The Governor is Chancellor of Universities including General Universities, Agricultural Universities, Technical Universities, Medical Universities and a Music Deed-to-be University. The Chancellor, by virtue of his office is a Head of the University, and vested with following powers:-

    • Appoints the Vice-Chancellors by setting up a search committee, recommend a panel of names from which he/ she makes final selection and appointment. Consequently, Chancellor is also vested with the authority to grant leave or institute disciplinary action and award penalties.
    • Power to nominate certain members to the Executive Council/ Court of the University.
    • Chancellor as appellate authority has power to annul decisions of the various university bodies/ authorities which in his view, is against the Act, statutes, ordinances and regulations.
    • Power to assent or withheld assent to the statutes and other regulations passed by the Executive Council of the university submitted to the Chancellor for assent.
    • Power to hear memorandum and representation of the employees and students.
    • Power to take final decisions on election disputes with regard to the representation in different bodies of the universities and managing committees of its colleges.
    • Power to nominate experts in the appointment of teachers of various categories in the  university.
    • Power to preside over the convocation of the university and meeting of its Court/ Senate.
    • In order to draw the attention of the Government on police issues and streamline the academic session and improve standard of University Education, convenes review meetings of Vice-Chancellors and concerned ministries.
    • The Chancellor shall have also such other power as may be conferred on him by or under Act or the Statute.